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What is a Disco Cube? 

Disco Cubes are handmade, luxury ice cubes that bridge the gap between art and ice. Created with a keen design-driven sensibility, Disco Cubes inspire awe, spark conversation, and showcase the beauty of nature. These cubes have been called "the most beautiful ice in the world," which we humbly love to agree with.

What's the best type of event for Disco Cubes?

Well-lit environments work best so that people can easily see the magic within the cubes. Think welcome drinks, garden parties, sunset happy hours, brunches and lunches, seated dinners, in-store events, and more. 


Disco Cubes create an instant point of connection between guests, as well as a truly unique photogenic moment. We highly recommend serving them as the first drink to get the party started. 

What kind of drinks are Disco Cubes best with? 

Disco Cubes are perfect for specialty cocktails, spritzes, gin & tonics, champagne, white wine, straight spirits, mocktails, water, and much more. 

How long does a Disco Cube last in a drink?  

Cubes last anywhere from 40+ minutes to over 90 minutes, depending on the temperature of both the drink and the environment. 

Are the flowers and herbs edible? 

All flowers, herbs, and other garnishes we use are technically edible. However, we don't recommend ingesting them, as the freezing process can affect the texture. Furthermore, you'll be finished with your drink long before the contents melt out from inside the cube. 


Do the cubes have a flavor? 

Most often, the cubes are flavorless. Depending on the contents and their proximity to the edge of the cube, flavor may transfer into the drink as the cube melts. Most edible flowers and herbs have a pleasant herbal taste that enhances the drink. 

How many should I order?

We recommend 1-2 cubes per guest. 



What size are the cubes?

Cubes are 2x2x2", with a 2.89" diagonal. Each cube is 4oz.

Spheres are 60mm or 2.34" in diameter. Each sphere is 4oz. 


Do the cubes require special glassware? 


Cubes – Glasses for cubes need a diameter of at least 2.9", from top to bottom. A rocks or double rocks glass is ideal, with a capacity of at least 9 oz.

Spheres – Glasses for spheres need a diameter of 2.4". Spheres fit more universally than cubes, and are great in rocks glasses, red wine glasses, cocktail glasses, and more. Recommended capacity of at least 9 oz. 

*We are happy to check with your rental company for glassware measurements. 


How far in advance should I place an order? 

1-3 months in advance is ideal to guarantee availability. Any order placed within 2 weeks of delivery will generally require a weekend production run, and will be subject to a rush fee. 


Is there a minimum or maximum? 

We have a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 240 custom cubes. Floral or herbal seasonal cubes can be added on to increase the overall order size. 

How quickly can you make an order? 

Clear ice takes a minimum of 3 days to freeze, though we are generally booked out at least 2-4 weeks ahead of time. For last minute requests, please inquire about our seasonal cubes and spheres that we may already have in stock. 

Can I put a logo in a sphere?

We only offer custom designs inside our 2" cubes.   


What type of design can be put inside a cube?

Almost anything can work, but it needs to be able to be cut as one continuous shape, and not have any individual floating elements. We're happy to assist in editing existing designs to work as a continuous shape. 

Can you create a design for us? 

Yes, for a small design fee. 

What is the cutout made of? Is it edible? 

We die-cut the logos using a special waterproof paper that can achieve the fine detail that etched ice cannot. It is not edible, or it would dissolve during the freezing process. The cube lasts much longer than the drink itself, so the design will stay securely inside the cube well past the duration of the drink. 

Can I get a photo or colored logo inside? 

At the moment, we offer only white cutout designs. White stands out well in any drink and in any lighting.  

How do you get the designs to float in the center? 

That's the Disco Cubes secret ;) 




Do you deliver?  

Yes — we prefer to deliver all orders to guarantee proper storage and handling of the cubes. Delivery charge is based on distance and starts at $100. Upon arrival, we will transfer cubes to a freezer, and then we will train the bar staff on how to serve. 

How do you keep the cubes cold for delivery? 

The day before your event, we pre-chill our delivery coolers and your cubes in our -20º freezer, to ensure they stay frozen for up to 3-4 hours in transit.

How are the cubes packaged? 

Cubes are bagged in freezer bags, in sets of 12, 15, or 20.  


Can you ship Disco Cube orders? 

No — we no longer ship cube orders and do not plan on shipping for the foreseeable future.   

Can you make an exception for my event? 

Unfortunately not. We no longer keep shipping supplies in stock, nor do we have the bandwidth to offer ice outside of LA. We are a small team and prioritize quality over quantity. Thank you for understanding! 

Do you sell the molds so I can make them myself? 

No, sorry! It's a very intricate (and secret) process. 

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