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by leslie kirchhoff

Leslie Kirchhoff is an ice cube innovator, cocktail consultant, photographer and DJ, whose multi-disciplinary magic extends from the pages of Vogue to packed dancefloors across the globe and beyond. Having sampled some of the world’s most innovative mixology in her travels as a DJ, Leslie noticed a distinct lack of creative attention being paid to the cocktail’s arguable centerpiece – the ice cube. What began as a series of arty ice experiments in her tiny New York kitchen grew into a passionate affair with all things frozen and a thriving business at the intersection of art, science and entertaining.

Since launching Disco Cubes in 2018 with a profile in The New York Times, Leslie has become an in-demand collaborator behind the camera, turntables, and bar, for brands like Louis Vuitton, Dior, Cartier, and Moët Chandon.

Disco Cubes is based in Los Angeles, California, and operates as both an ice studio and photo studio. 

Leslie's upcoming book, Disco Cube Cocktails, will be released on April 7th, by Chronicle Books.

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