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We are fully booked through end of April —
Order requests for May & June can be submitted here 

For botanical cubes, see what we have on-hand here
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DISCO CUBES are handmade, luxury ice cubes that bridge the gap between art, floral design, and cocktail ice. Inspired by the Japanese art of ikebana, each cube is thoughtfully designed to showcase the beauty of nature and to inspire awe. 

Inside every custom Disco Cube is a mesmerizing scene — seasonal botanicals are nestled among detailed die-cut designs, suspended perfectly in the center of the crystal-clear two-inch cube. These ephemeral works of art create an instant point of connection between guests, as well as a truly picturesque moment. 

Custom cubes are created over a three day period, and require two weeks lead time. 

We cater to the greater LA area only, and do not ship cubes at this time. 

Please see our FAQ here

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