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Botanical Ice SHOP

DISCO CUBES are handmade, luxury ice cubes that bridge the gap between art, floral design and cocktail ice. Inspired by the Japanese art of ikebana, each cube is thoughtfully designed to showcase the beauty of nature and to inspire awe. 

Please note: Sets of cubes are released as they are produced. All orders must be picked up within 1 week.


For large orders of botanical cubes, please use our form here

For custom orders, please click here

GARDEN botanicalS


Private Event?

We'd love to help.


We offer delivery on orders over $500

For large orders of botanical ice
or custom orders, please click here.  


All cube orders under $500 must be picked up by the end of the week (Friday at 4pm).

We are located in Lincoln Heights,
where the 5 meets the 110.

Pickup Hours:
10am – 4pm

Monday – Friday 

Pickup instructions will be sent with receipt. 


Properly stored, cubes can keep for 3 months or more.

However, we recommend using within a week or two to avoid frost from forming. 

Wrap tightly for long-term storage.

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